Centrifuge And Separator

We provide different types of Horizontal Centrifuges such as Continuous Horizontal Centrifuge Separator In Soda, Horizontal Spiral Unloading Filtering Centrifugal Separator, etc. They are designed for attaining the thickest gel layer with high stability. They are designed with simple and ease to maintain controls along with single-speed processing. They are provided with adjustable mechanical timer for meeting different blood specimen preparation needs. These Horizontal Centrifuges are designed for running at a stable and constant speed for a long period of time. 
Disk Centrifuges are designed for handling the separation of the light and heavy liquid phases in medical units, labs, researching facilities, etc. They are designed for creating maximum centrifugal force for separating the solid particles efficiently out in the disc stack and move to the solids chamber of the bowl. They are designed for applying a force up to 14,000 times than the gravitational force for enhancing separation efficacy and reducing separation time. These Disk Centrifuges are widely used in microalgal biofuel pilot plants and other units. 
Modern, durable and cost-effective Tubular Centrifuges are provided for the constant separation of liquids from liquids. They are also ideal for separating very fine particles from liquids owing to high-speed motor or an air or steam turbine. These products are designed with durable spares and high speed solid bowls for constant separation of two immiscible liquids and impurities from liquids. These high-end Tubular Centrifuges are widely used in chemical, pharma, food, oil, printing ink, paint and other industries for offering the best results with minimum consumption of energy.