Rapid Roll Doors are swift, safe and simple operated doors widely used in internal busy doorways. They are designed for rolling up at a very high speed with the assistance of shaft and drives. Designed using high-quality components in creative designs, they can be installed in outside and inside of the sheltered areas. They are ideal to withstand wind loads and high temperature owing to high tensile strength. These Rapid Roll Doors are provided with self-supporting structure, speed-adjustment features and geared motors for ensuring smooth and noiseless operation. 
Hygienic, cost-effective and efficient Clean Room Lights are available for providing excellent vision at work! They are available in different power values ranging from 36W, 45W to 60W as per the demands of hospitals, medical units, food industries, pharma, lab, chemical & manufacturing facilities. These energy efficient and sturdy Clean Room Lights are designed with high efficacy LEDs to provide the best luminosity and save energy. They are developed using high-end materials with epoxy polyester powder-coating to ensure to resist abrasion and rusting. 
These sturdy and cost-effective Air Showers are enclosed antechambers installed in the entryways of cleanrooms for minimizing particle contamination. They use HEPA- or ULPA-filtered air for eradicating dirt, dust, fibrous lint and varied other pollutants from the surfaces of personnel or object. They are designed with high-velocity air jets that run at 18-30 m/s speed for conducting efficient scrubbing action and removing particulate matter. With strong stainless steel nozzles, trusted microprocessor control system and lubricated direct drive centrifugal blower, these Air Showers provide the best performance. 
Add convenience and ease of drying hands in different facilities using these appealing, sturdy and advanced Hand Dryers. They are designed using high-quality ABS plastic to ensure maximum durability and strength. They come with advanced automatic functions of throwing single wave of hot air to ensure easy and smooth operation. These Hand Dryers can be easily mounted in the corner or on a wall with unmatched design. These versatile dryers are used by just plugging-in directly in hotels, bathroom, restaurants, shopping malls and other commercial spaces. 
We provide Weighing Room units such as Clean Booth With Laminar Air Flow, Clean Room Weighing Sampling Booth, Vertical Laminar Flow Hood, etc. They come with open front containment system and scavenging arrangements to provide the best performance. They are designed using high-grade stainless steel for ensuring maximum durability and providing complete safety to the operator as well as surrounding environment. They are available with lockable castors wheels for ensuring easy transportation to one area to another. These Weighing Room units are provided with efficient exhaust filters to change air efficiently and swiftly. 
Sandwich Panels are designed in three layers to provide maximum protection from fire, noise and other adverse environmental factors. They are designed using a low-density core along with a thin skin-layer that is bonded together using high-grade abrasive. These panels are available in light-weight with high rigidity and strength to provide excellent thermal insulation. With durable steel claddings and coatings, they ensure maximum safety against any mechanical damage. These Sandwich Panels are widely used in construction, aircraft, automotive and manufacturing units to enhance the quality of the spaces.